Forthcoming Book:
Pragmatist Philosophy of Dance: Interdisciplinary Dance Research in the American South
(Palgrave-Macmillan Performance Philosophy Book Series).

1. The Body in Performance

"How Effective is Political Dance Theatre?"
Forthcoming in Engagement Symposium Anthology (Routledge, 2019).
"Aesthetics, Politics, and Ethics of Remembrance in the Red Detachment of Women"
Dance Chronicle
"Dancing for Human Rights: Engaging Labor Rights and Social Remembrance in Poor Mouth"  
Dance Research (2016). 
“Dance, Philosophy, and Somaesthetics”
 Performance Philosophy (2016).
"Ought I make Political Dance?"
Dance Research Journal (2015).
“Performing with Robots”  
Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media (2015). 
“Fitness for Function in Dance Aesthetics”
Contemporary Aesthetics (2014).
“Dance, Interactive Technology, and the Device Paradigm”
Dance Research Journal (2013).

2. Philosophy of the Body / Somaesthetics
"The Martial Arts, Culture, and the Body"
Journal of Aesthetic Education (2016).
“The Pragmatist Yogi: Ancient and Contemporary Yogic Somaesthetics”
The Pluralist (2015).
“Martial Somaesthetics”
Journal of Aesthetic Education (2013).
“Philosophy of the Body as Introduction to Philosophy”
Teaching Philosophy (2013).
“The Image of the Performing Body” 
Journal of Aesthetic Education (2008).
“Performative Somaesthetics: Principles and Scope”
Journal of Aesthetic Education (2006).
“A Violent Aesthetic: A Reconsideration of Transgressive Body Art”
Journal of Speculative Philosophy (2006).  

3. Confucian Ethics and Aesthetics
“Thinking through and Embodied Confucian Ethics of Persons”
Artistic Visions and the Promise of Beauty (Springer, 2017).
“Confucius and Aristotle on Friendship”
Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (2010).
“Toward a Confucian Ethic of the Gift” 
Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (2008).
“Ritualized Exchange: A Consideration of Confucian Reciprocity”
Asian Philosophy (2008).
“The Ethics of Confucian Artistry” 
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (2007).
"Carrying the Jade Tablet: A Consideration of Confucian Artistry"
 Contemporary Aesthetics (2005).

4. Miscellaneous
Motion and Representation (Nicolas Salazar Situl) - Review Essay
Dance Research Journal (2016).
"The Martial Arts, Culture, and the Body" - Review Essay of Barry Allen's Striking Beauty
 Journal of Aesthetic Education (2016).
“On Being a Socratic Philosophy Instructor”
Teaching Philosophy (2009).
"The Device Paradigm: A Consideration for a Dewey Philosophy of Technology"
Journal of Speculative Philosophy (2009).